solutionsSummary of Present Services and Past Solutions:

  Assuring Quality in Requirements, Design, Test, Production, Deployment since before Y2K, we provide workable mechanisms within complex systems.

  By finding defects early in the process, we return high value to the organization at lower cost.

  Specialty: Creating the Master Test Strategy from project charter & technical requirements.

Management and Leadership in implementation & delivery:

  Managed a team of professional engineers responsible for Software Configuration Management (SCM) in globally competitive corporation.

  Designed and implemented transition from paper-based to automated release of software configurations.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Systems/ Software Quality Assurance (QA):

  Test Planning and Design: analysis of project charters and requirements to build in quality assurance as early as possible.

  Test Execution: promote effective Unit Testing, execute Functional, System, and Integration Testing. Organizing user acceptance testing (UAT).

  Finding and managing defects through the repair-retest cycle to meet project requirements.

  Hands-on Experience in Healthcare for non-profit healthcare organizations, like hospitals, clinics, and private practices

  Experience in Government-contract software for high-precision industries like aviation, maritime, and telecommunications for publicly-traded corporations.

Specialist in Systems and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Application Life-cycle Management (ALM):

  Managed Process Areas for Assessment as per Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) process.

  Served as Product Owner, Project Agile Coach, and support for Scrum Masters

Specialist in Audit and Compliance, Standards, Best Practices:

  Certificate as Auditor for Quality Management Systems (ISO 9000: 2000) and Quality Systems in Aerospace (AS9100), as of 2008 update.

  Certificate in Healthcare Informatics, Temple University.

Identifying the Source of Requirements

requirementsIndustry standard tools:

Agile: Product Backlog, Refinement, SAFe Planning Increments (PI), the Requirement module in MF ALM, the Epic > Feature > Requirement work items in Azure DevOps.

CMMI Level 2: REQM – Requirements Management process area. Rational Requisite Pro

For Commercial, Bank, & Insurance Company systems:

Business Requirements Document (BRD): Created requirements from interviews, project charter, industry standards, Federal & State regulations, with change management incorporated to maintain currency.

For Aviation & Defense organizations:

Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) and Interface Requirements Specifications (IRS), based on Military Specification: DOD-STD-2167A, MIL-STD-498, IEEE 12207, and DO-178B/C.


Agile-Based Software Development Process Improvement

Agile cycleWith Scrum Master certification since 2016, we deliver effective “servant leadership” and work with developers, product owners, and project managers.

Our agile coaching experience aligns software development teams with corporate policy, standards, and best practices. We improve the working of the SDLC for more effective, efficient, and repeatable processes.

Serving as Product Owner, we provide vision and guidance to the development team, coordinating with stakeholders and management to achieve success in both process and product for users.

Agile cycle

Traditional / Waterfall Software Development Process Improvement

We provide a review of your current Program / Project Management Organization (PMO) to assure the way your organization works will achieve your goals. If you don't have an existing PMO, we can establish one by designing policy, procedures, and best practices to meet your customer, industrial, professional, and regulatory requirements.

A key element of good Quality Assurance (QA) is to “plan the work, then work the plan.” We help teams do this at the software and system levels, by reviewing and verifying plans, requirements, designs, coding, and fabrication.

Our verification and validation services provide assurance that the organization has built the right product the right way.

Testing is critical, which is why we do it at all levels: unit, component, sub-assembly, integration, system, end-to-end, and user acceptance testing (UAT). In the “V model” (see diagram), our testing expertise lands on the righthand side.

v model

In addition to the actual testing, we manage the entire testing process from test strategy, to test planning, to test script writing, to test execution.

Our defect management process identifies defects and deficiencies in both process and product. We then make recommendations for repair or replacement, and manage re-testing to ensure that fixes are verified.

Delivery and Deployment

deployWe establish and operate Configuration Control Boards (CCB) for change management.

We also handle release management to ensure proper use of version control and to confirm that customers get what they asked for.


Compliance and Auditing

checklistCompliance: We make sure that what was planned was actually delivered and that it meets customer requirements.

Auditing: As certified internal IT auditors and working according to client-specified requirements, we can verify that the process correctly produced the product and we can validate that the correct system was designed, built, and tested, as expected.